Data transparency and citation in the journal Gesture Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract Data is central to scholarly research, but the nature and location of data used is often under-reported in research publications. Greater transparency and citation of data have positive effects for the culture of research. This article presents the results of a survey of data citation in six years of articles published in the journal Gesture (12.1–17.2). Gesture researchers draw on a broad range of data types, but the source and location of data are often not disclosed in publications. There is also still a strong research focus on only a small range of the world’s languages and their linguistic diversity. Published papers rarely cite back to the primary data, unless it is already published. We discuss both the implications of these findings and the ways that scholars in the field of gesture studies can build a positive culture around open data.


  • Gawne, Lauren
  • Krajcik, Chelsea
  • Andreassen, Helene N
  • Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L
  • Kelly, Barbara F

publication date

  • 2019