Health-promotion in the context of ageing and migration: A call for person-centred integrated practice Academic Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVE:For the aim of improving the implementation of a health-promoting intervention for older persons who are born abroad, this study aimed to explore health care professionals' experiences of facilitators and barriers for their possibilities to support a healthy ageing in the context of migration. METHODS:Qualitative data were collected from four focus groups with health professionals who all had experience of working with older persons who are born abroad. Data were analysed with the guidance from the method developed by Krueger and Casey, progressing from an empirical to an abstract level. RESULTS:FIVE DIFFERENT CONDITIONS WERE FOUND TO INFLUENCE SUPPORTING HEALTHY AGEING IN THE CONTEXT OF MIGRATION: Sense of belonging through significant others, Emotional bonds to a place called home, Expectations on health and support during the ageing process, Mutual understanding as a means for communication and Heterogeneity as a point of departure. The one comprehensive theme complexity describes how those aspects are interrelated in a complex and unpredictable way. CONCLUSIONS:The results point at the need for focusing on each person's experiences and health expectations, and the study provides a foundation for future research on the integration of whole-system and person-centred practice.


  • Lood, Q
  • Dahlin Ivanoff, S
  • Dellenborg, L
  • Mårtensson, L

publication date

  • 2014