Experience of Iranian persons receiving hemodialysis: A descriptive, exploratory study Academic Article uri icon


  • Patients living with end-stage renal disease experience different levels of physical and psychological disability that can impact on the type and level of social interaction in which they engage with others. The researchers concurrently collected and thematically analyzed the interview data that were generated from 21 participants who were undergoing hemodialysis in Iran. Four major themes were constructed from the analysis of the transcripts: living with fatigue; changes in self-image; patients' dependency on the device, place, and time of hemodialysis; and hiding the disease. The results from this study showed that the patients who were living with hemodialysis in Iran experienced altered social interactions with others. The culture of Iran resulted in the participants trying to hide their disease from others, which led to social avoidance, thus reducing the participants' social interactions with others. It is recommended that nurses include a comprehensive assessment of the social interactions of persons who are receiving hemodialysis in their overall nursing assessment and that this is reviewed on a regular basis.


  • Kazemi, Majid
  • Nasrabadi, Alireza Nikbakht
  • Hasanpour, Marzieh
  • Hassankhani, Hadi
  • Mills, Jane

publication date

  • March 2011