Dark-field signal extraction in propagation-based phase-contrast imaging Academic Article uri icon


  • A method for extracting the dark-field signal in propagation-based phase-contrast imaging is proposed. In the case of objects consisting predominantly of a single material, or several different materials with similar ratios of the real decrement to the imaginary part of the complex refractive index, the proposed method requires a single image for extraction of the dark-field signal in two-dimensional projection imaging. In the case of three-dimensional tomographic imaging, the method needs only one image to be collected at each projection angle. Initial examples using simulated and experimental data indicate that this method can improve visualization of small sharp features inside a larger object, e.g. the visualization of microcalcifications in propagation-based X-ray breast cancer imaging. It is suggested that the proposed approach may be useful in other forms of biomedical imaging, where it can help one to obtain additional small-angle scattering information without increasing the radiation dose to the sample.


  • Gureyev, Timur
  • Paganin, David M
  • Arhatari, Benedicta D
  • Taba, Seyedamir T
  • Lewis, Sarah
  • Brennan, Patrick C
  • Quiney, Harry

publication date

  • 2020