Effects of Cyclic Impacts on the Performance of a Piezo-Composite Electricity Generating Element in a d33 Mode Energy Harvesting Academic Article uri icon


  • The increasing use of piezoelectric generators to harvest energy from various ambient sources requires the establishment of durability data for piezoelectric materials. In this paper, a d3 mode piezocomposite electricity generating element (PCGE) was tested for its durability under cyclic impact loading. For this purpose, a motor driven lever system was designed to apply constant impact force on PCGEs. To investigate the durability of PCGEs, the output voltage of the PCGEs was observed upon repeated application of an impact force until eventual loss of the generated voltage. The experimental results enabled to determine the number of cycles until which PCGEs can be used without loss of their electricity generation performance with respect to the stress level applied on the PCGEs. At low stress level (around 0.76 MPa or lower), the PCGE showed almost insignificant degradation even after 2 million cycles whereas degradation occurred sooner (after 8 x 10(5) cycles) at higher stress levels (around 0.92 MPa or higher). The effects of impact loading on the durability of the PCGEs were also examined by X-ray photographs of the specimens.

publication date

  • October 1, 2014