Early-life influences on obesity: From preconception to adolescence Academic Article uri icon


  • The double burden of under- and overnutrition profoundly affects human health globally. According to the World Health Organization, obesity and diabetes rates have almost doubled worldwide since 1980, and, in 2011, more than 40 million children under 5 years of age were overweight. Ecologic factors, parental genetics and fitness, and the intrauterine environment significantly influence the likelihood of offspring developing the dysmetabolic diathesis of obesity. This report examines the effects of these factors, including preconception, intrauterine and postnatal energy balance affecting programming of transgenerational transmission, and development of chronic diseases later in life-in particular, diabesity and its comorbidities.


  • Wahlqvist, ML
  • Krawetz, SA
  • Rizzo, NS
  • Dominguez-Bello, MG
  • Szymanski, LM
  • Barkin, S
  • Yatkine, A
  • Waterland, RA
  • Mennella, JA
  • Desai, M
  • Ross, MG
  • Krebs, NF
  • Young, BE
  • Wardle, J
  • Wrann, CD
  • Kral, JG

publication date

  • 2015