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  • This is a high-quality redrawn reproduction of the wug image that features in Berko-Gleason (1958).Berko-Gleason, Jean. (1958). The child's learning of English morphology. Word, 14(2-3), 150-177.As far as we can confirm, the original 1958 wug was not copyrighted; if it was originally registered, it was not renewed so it passed into the public domain by the mid-1980s in line with US copyright laws. Copyright for works created between 1923 and 1977 lasted for 28 years if there was no copyright notice on it, and copyright for works created between 1923 and 1963 that had a copyright notice lasted 28 years although it could be renewed by the original copyright holder. Our lawyer, Heidi Tandy, has not been able to find evidence that such a renewal was ever filed. If anyone has evidence that the copyright for the original wug was ever renewed, please send it to htandy@bergersingerman.com and we will update this page.