Preparing the public for COVID-19 vaccines: how can general practitioners build vaccine confidence and optimise uptake for themselves and their patients? Academic Article uri icon


  • Background

    The availability of a COVID-19 vaccine is being heralded as the solution to control the current COVID-19 pandemic, reduce the number of infections and deaths and facilitate resumption of our previous way of life.


    The aim of this article is to provide a framework for primary care of what will be needed to optimise COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake in Australia once the vaccine prioritisation schedule and key target groups are known.


    While a number of vaccines are currently under development, with at least seven undergoing phase III trials (28 August 2020), it is hoped that an effective COVID-19 vaccine will become available to the public in 2021. Ensuring public confidence in vaccine safety and effectiveness will be crucial to facilitate uptake. General practitioners are at the forefront of public health, and one of the most trusted sources for patients. In this article, the authors discuss the expedited vaccine development process for COVID-19 vaccines; the likely vaccine prioritisation schedule and anticipated key target groups; the behavioural and social drivers of vaccination acceptance, including the work required to facilitate this; and the implications for general practice.

publication date

  • October 1, 2020