Nutritional and pulmonary function assessment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Effects of nutritional supplementation Academic Article uri icon


  • We found that with oral supplementation by a liquid soy-based protein hydrolysate in malnourished COPD patients (BMI <= 20), it possible to increase weight over a 6-week period, and body water and an index of muscle mass (MAMC), but not total body nitrogen (TBN judged by Nitrogen Index) which identifies a particular challenge for nutrition support in COPD patients. There was no associated improvement in pulmonary function but we found that better nourished COPD patients (BMI > 20) had some pulmonary function advantage; it is suggested that TBN may need to improve with nutrition support for pulmonary function to improve.


  • Lambert, JR
  • Tai, E
  • Strauss, B
  • Blackwell, L
  • Manolitsas, N
  • Marks, S
  • Bainbridge, R
  • Stroud, D
  • Wahlqvist, ML

publication date

  • January 1, 1998