Improving the lifetime of an out-patient implanted medical device using a novel flower pollination-based optimization algorithm in wban systems Academic Article uri icon


  • The new inventions in health care devices have led to a considerable increase in the human lifespan. Miniaturized bio-sensing elements and dedicated wireless communication bands have led to the development of a new arena called Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) (IEEE 802.11.6). These Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs) are used for monitoring a chronic patient’s medical condition as well as therapeutic and life-saving functions. The aim of this study is to improve the dynamic channel selection algorithm for an increased Out Patient-Body Network Controller (OP-BNC) medical device during visits to the hospital. There is a fixed number of licensed spectra allocated to the In Patient-Body Network Controller (IP-BNC) and Out-Patient Body Network Controller (OP-BNC). When there is an increase in the OP-BNC, there is an availability of idle spectrum in the IP-BNC. An existing rank-based algorithm is used in the allocation of idle spectrum to the increased OP-BNC. This ranking method takes more time for the processing and selection of an idle channel to the registered user. To avoid it, we proposed an EFPOC model to select from the free idle channels of the IP-BNC licensed spectrum. We also discussed the algorithm complexity of the proposed Enhanced Flower Pollination-based Optimized Channel selection (EFPOC) algorithm and obtained a complexity of O(n2), which is a significant improvement over the existing algorithm rank-based algorithm complexity. Our experimental result shows that the proposed EFPOC algorithm improves the Tier-2 systems lifetime by 46.47%. Then, to prove that the proposed model is time efficient in channel selection, a simulated experimented is conducted. When selecting a number of channels from a Look-Up Table (LUT), the proposed EFPOC method takes 25% less time than the existing algorithms.

publication date

  • December 9, 2020