The Effect of Plant Tissue and Vaccine Formulation on the Oral Immunogenicity of a Model Plant-Made Antigen in Sheep Academic Article uri icon


  • Antigen-specific antibody responses against a model antigen (the B subunit of the heat labile toxin of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, LTB) were studied in sheep following oral immunisation with plant-made and delivered vaccines. Delivery from a root-based vehicle resulted in antigen-specific immune responses in mucosal secretions of the abomasum and small intestine and mesenteric lymph nodes. Immune responses from the corresponding leaf-based vaccine were more robust and included stimulation of antigen-specific antibodies in mucosal secretions of the abomasum. These findings suggest that oral delivery of a plant bioencapsulated antigen can survive passage through the rumen to elicit mucosal and systemic immune responses in sheep. Moreover, the plant tissue used as the vaccine delivery vehicle affects the magnitude of these responses.


  • Pelosi, A
  • Piedrafita, D
  • De Guzman, G
  • Shepherd, R
  • Hamill, JD
  • Meeusen, E
  • Walmsley, AM

publication date

  • 2012