Activation of uterine intraepithelial γδ T cell receptor-positive lymphocytes during pregnancy Academic Article uri icon


  • Intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL) of the uterus of non-pregnant sheep were analyzed by single- and two-color flow cytometry. Very few lymphocytes carrying classical B and T cell markers (CD5, surface immunoglobulin) were detected in the uterine epithelial cell suspensions and all IEL expressed the CD8 surface marker although with varying intensities. Three distinct subpopulations were identified including a major (46-56%) population of CD8+CD45R- gamma delta T cell receptor (TcR)-negative cells and approximately equal numbers of CD8+CD45R+ gamma delta TcR- and CD8+CD45R+ gamma delta TcR+ lymphocytes. The same three subpopulations were also present in the interplacentomal areas of the uterus of ewes at a late stage of pregnancy but there was a dramatic increase (60-70%) in the gamma delta TcR+ subpopulation. In addition, a pronounced increase in both size and granularity was observed in the IEL population of pregnant uteri and this was attributed to the gamma delta TcR+ cells. Light and electron microscopic examination of these gamma delta TcR+ IEL revealed an increase in metabolic activity and the formation of exceptionally large cytoplasmic granules and confirmed their restricted localization within the uterine epithelium close to the trophoblast. These results represent for the first time, a clear example of the activation of gamma delta TcR+ cells which is not associated with an ongoing disease process or infection. gamma delta TcR+ cells have recently been observed in the epithelium of the murine reproductive tract and were characterized by their unique homogeneous receptor structure. The present results indicate that these cells may play an important physiological role during pregnancy.


publication date

  • May 1993