Temporal cross-correlation of x-ray free electron and optical lasers using soft x-ray pulse induced transient reflectivity Academic Article uri icon


  • The recent development of x-ray free electron lasers providing coherent, femtosecond-long pulses of high brilliance and variable energy opens new areas of scientific research in a variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Pump-probe experimental techniques which observe the temporal evolution of systems after optical or x-ray pulse excitation are one of the main experimental schemes currently in use for ultrafast studies. The key challenge in these experiments is to reliably achieve temporal and spatial overlap of the x-ray and optical pulses. Here we present measurements of the x-ray pulse induced transient change of optical reflectivity from a variety of materials covering the soft x-ray photon energy range from 500eV to 2000eV and outline the use of this technique to establish and characterize temporal synchronization of the optical-laser and FEL x-ray pulses.


  • Krupin, O
  • Trigo, M
  • Schlotter, WF
  • Beye, M
  • Sorgenfrei, F
  • Turner, JJ
  • Reis, DA
  • Gerken, N
  • Lee, S
  • Lee, WS
  • Hays, G
  • Acremann, Y
  • Abbey, B
  • Coffee, R
  • Messerschmidt, M
  • Hau-Riege, SP
  • Lapertot, G
  • Lüning, J
  • Heimann, P
  • Soufli, R
  • Fernández-Perea, M
  • Rowen, M
  • Holmes, M
  • Molodtsov, SL
  • Föhlisch, A
  • Wurth, W

publication date

  • May 7, 2012