Comparative experimental Haemonchus contortus infection of two sheep breeds native to the Canary Islands Academic Article uri icon


  • This study compares the susceptibility to Haemonchus contortus infection in two breeds of sheep endemic to the Canary Islands, the Canaria Hair Breed sheep and the Canaria sheep. Sheep were experimentally infected with 20,000 larvae of H. contortus and animals killed on days 7 and 28 post-infection. No difference between sheep breeds were detected in immature worm counts at days 7 or 28 post-infection. However, in comparison to the Canaria sheep breed, the Canaria Hair Breed sheep showed lower mean faecal egg counts, lower adult worm counts, lower number of eggs in utero and female worm stunting. Overall, these data suggest that the Canaria Hair Breed sheep has a greater resistance to H. contortus infection than Canaria sheep, and that this resistance may act at the level of the adult parasite.


  • González, Jorge F
  • Hernández, Álvaro
  • Molina, José M
  • Fernández, Antonio
  • Raadsma, Herman W
  • Meeusen, Els NT
  • Piedrafita, David

publication date

  • May 2008