Right back where we started from: Circular career migration Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Being 'in and out': Providing voice to early career women in academia


  • In contrast to the narrative of a single flight from academia, this chapter talks about my circular career experiences with academia and university administration roles. By writing it, I want to erode static notions of ‘being an academic’, while also discussing the costs of negotiating my career agility. The emphasis for many post-Ph.D. career narratives is on the challenges of poor academic employment prospects, and justifying non-academic (or ‘alternative academic’) career outcomes for graduates. This is a necessary conversation to have, and one that reduces the power of the long-standing belief that academia is the one true way for those with a doctorate. But what happens when the pros and cons of different jobs change in their appeal over time? Can you move between roles, and how does it alter your employability in each area? My experience signals that current academic formations in Australia do not support track-record diversity, despite institutional rhetoric about an inclusive and collaborative workforce.

publication date

  • 2014