Academic? … I’m just a teacher: Experiences in transitioning from the profession to academia Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Being 'in and out': Providing voice to early career women in academia


  • This chapter explores my insights of being an ‘expert’ teacher moving from the school setting into the role of lecturer of education at an Australian university. With passion and markedly innocent views about changing the world one teacher at a time, I went forth into the unknown world of the university keen to learn as much as possible and to make a difference in my students’ lives. The realities were a little shocking at times. Personal and professional experiences threatened dearly held philosophical beliefs about teaching and education. Challenging situations, moments of feeling remarkably ‘dumb’, along with joyous times with colleagues and students who really ‘got’ what I was on about, made for a very dynamic flight path in the first year of my foray into academia.

publication date

  • 2014