Facilitation of the tonic vibration reflex (TVR) by cutaneous stimulation in hemiplegics Academic Article uri icon


  • The study of TVR facilitation with cutaneous icing and brushing by Spicer and Matyas (1980) was replicated in 12 hemiplegics with paretic quadriceps femoris muscles. Icing and brushing were studied under experimental and placebo conditions. Facilitation of the TVR from quadriceps femoris was examined during stimulation and 45-60 sec after the end of stimulation. The results replicated the findings of Spicer and Matyas (1980): icing and brushing produced significant facilitation, with brushing being markedly more effective; the effects were observed only during stimulation but not after stimulation. Comparison of the facilitatory effect of brushing obtained in normal (Spicer and Matyas, 1980) and hemiplegic subjects indicated a more pronounced facilitation in the latter. An iverse relationship between baseline TVR amplitude and degree of facilitation was suggested by the combined evidence of the two studies.

publication date

  • December 1, 1980