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  • Germinating cysts and isolated walls from germinating cysts incorporated 14C-UDPG into wall material of which 22.5 and 15% respectively were insoluble in boiling 1 N HCl, indicating that part of the synthetase activity is located in the wall itself. A combination of Urografin and Ficoll density gradients was used to separate various intracellular fractions. A consistent separation of beta-glucanase and UDPG-transferase enriched fractions was achieved. The beta-glucanase fraction contained dictyosome vesicles and fragments along with some plasma membranes. The UDPG-transferase fraction was relatively rich in membranes resembling rough and smooth ER. The results suggest the two enzymes are transported to the wall by different intracellular routes, and two types of vesicle may be involved. Alkaline phosphatase, beta-glucosidase and acid phosphatase were found extracellularly and their distribution in density gradients determined. The results of histochemical staining for acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and polysaccharide are described and compared with the biochemical data. beta-1,3-glucanase, found intra- and extracellularly, induced distorted growth of germ tubes and also removed most of the apical wall when added to the incubation medium. None of these responses were observed with cellulase. Determinations of the osmotic pressure of germinating cysts and incubation medium revealed that the turgor of germinating cysts amounts to about 1.8 at under the conditions used.

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  • November 1976