Targeted Enrichment: Maximizing Orthologous Gene Comparisons across Deep Evolutionary Time Academic Article uri icon


  • Estimated phylogenies of evolutionarily diverse taxa will be well supported and more likely to be historically accurate when the analysis contains large amounts of data-many genes sequenced across many taxa. Inferring such phylogenies for non-model organisms is challenging given limited resources for whole-genome sequencing. We take advantage of genomic data from a single species to test the limits of hybridization-based enrichment of hundreds of exons across frog species that diverged up to 250 million years ago. Enrichment success for a given species depends greatly on the divergence time between it and the reference species, and the resulting alignment contains a significant proportion of missing data. However, our alignment generates a well-supported phylogeny of frogs, suggesting that this technique is a practical solution towards resolving relationships across deep evolutionary time.


publication date

  • 2013