Carrageenin-induced arthritis Academic Article uri icon


  • A localized inflammatory response was initiated by both single and repeated injections of carrageenin into femorotibial joints. Histologic changes were observed 24 hours after a single intraarticular injection, and an inhibition in the in vitro rate of proteoglycan synthesis was detected 72 hours after the injection. This inhibition was relieved in vitro by the addition of beta-D-xyloside, an exogenous initiator of glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis. Following repeated carrageenin injections, most cells appeared to be dead on histologic examination and no in vitro proteoglycan synthesis could be detected; nor could any stimulation be achieved by adding exyloside.


  • Carmichael, DJ
  • Gillard, GC
  • Lowther, DA
  • Handley, CJ
  • Santer, VB

publication date

  • April 1977