Sustainable Practice in Embedding Learning Technologies: Curriculum Renewal Through Course Design Intensives Chapter uri icon

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  • Curriculum Models for the 21st Century: Using Learning Technologies in Higher Education


  • Application of learning technologies within the curricula often takes place at the point at which activities for teaching and learning are considered and generally occurs after a systematic process of curriculum renewal of courses (programmes) in higher education such as constructive alignment. Considering learning technology at this activity phase of curriculum design tends to focus on technologies as the delivery mechanisms of the instruction through the selection of corporate/institutional supported technologies. The risk with this approach is that technology guides the design of learning rather than technology being guided by pedagogical principles to facilitate learning. A “bolt-on” approach to learning technologies is adopted at the expense of the “built-in” design of learning activities that is informed by educational theories. This chapter presents an adaptive model that embeds learning technologies into pedagogical design at an early phase of curriculum renewal and development. The course design intensive (CDI) model demonstrates the processes and resources needed for a learning design approach that integrates technologies into curricula for sustainable practices. Factors that are critical to the success of CDI model are presented: the collaborative decision-making process, ownership of the design by faculty academics and peer review by cross-disciplinary “critical friends”. Examples are presented of the CDI models that illustrate the design intensive process of developing learning activities with appropriate media to facilitate student learning outcomes and experiences. These processes embed theoretical perspectives and address challenges that academics face in achieving goals of design and development of technology-rich curricula that develop graduate capabilities.

publication date

  • 2014