ADAM9 silencing inhibits breast tumor cell invasion in vitro Academic Article uri icon


  • ADAM9 (A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase 9) is a member of the ADAM protein family which contains a disintegrin domain. This protein family plays key roles in many physiological processes, including fertilization, migration, and cell survival. The ADAM proteins have also been implicated in various diseases, including cancer. Specifically, ADAM9 has been suggested to be involved in metastasis. To address this question, we generated ADAM9 knockdown clones of MDA-MB-231 breast tumor cells using silencing RNAs that were tested for cell adhesion, proliferation, migration and invasion assays. In RNAi-mediated ADAM9 silenced MDA-MB-231 cells, the expression of ADAM9 was lower from the third to the sixth day after silencing and inhibited tumor cell invasion in matrigel by approximately 72% when compared to control cells, without affecting cell adhesion, proliferation or migration. In conclusion, the generation of MDA-MB-231 knockdown clones lacking ADAM9 expression inhibited tumor cell invasion in vitro, suggesting that ADAM9 is an important molecule in the processes of invasion and metastasis.


  • Micocci, KC
  • Martin, ACBM
  • Montenegro, CDF
  • Durante, AC
  • Pouliot, N
  • Cominetti, MR
  • Selistre-De-Araujo, HS

publication date

  • 2013