Antiulcerogenic Activities of the Extracts and Isolated Flavonoids of Euphorbia cuneata Vahl Academic Article uri icon


  • The total alcohol extracts of Euphorbia cuneata Vahl.(Euphorbiaceae) were screened for antiulcerogenic activity using an ethanol-induced ulcer model at doses of 125, 250 and 500 mg/kg. The extracts possessed antiulcerogenic activity in a dose-dependent manner. Four flavonoidal compounds were isolated and identified as naringenin, aromadendrin, apigenin and 4'-O-methoxy-luteolin-7-O-rhamnoglucoside, each demonstrating antiulcerogenic activity with curative ratios ranging from 75.78% to 88.23%. In addition, the alcohol extracts and isolated compounds were shown to scavenge the 1,1-diphenyl,2-picrylhydrazyl radical by different ratio, with the most effective being 4'-O-methoxy-luteolin-7-O-rhamnoglucoside (91.14%). The antioxidant activity of the alcohol extracts and the isolated compounds may explain the antiulcerogenic properties. No side effects were observed on either liver or kidney functions.


  • Awaad, AS
  • Al-Jaber, NA
  • Moses, JE
  • El-Meligy, RM
  • Zain, ME

publication date

  • 2013