A new and efficient method for o-quinone methide intermediate generation: application to the biomimetic synthesis of the benzopyran derived natural products (±)-lucidene and (±)-alboatrin Academic Article uri icon


  • Lucidene and alboatrin are complex benzopyran derived natural products. A key step in their biogenesis may involve a hetero Diels-Alder cycloaddition between an o-quinone methide intermediate with a simple, or activated tri-substituted olefin. Experimental evidence is provided to support this hypothesis, with the biomimetic synthesis of both (+/-)-lucidene and (+/-)-alboatrin successfully achieved using a new and efficient method for o-quinone methide generation.


  • Rodriguez, Raphaël
  • Moses, John E
  • Adlington, Robert M
  • Baldwin, Jack E

publication date

  • 2005