Hormone-sensitive lipase from swine adipose tissue: Identification and some properties Academic Article uri icon


  • Swine adipose tissue hormone-sensitive lipase, purified 475-fold to 10% protein purity, has been identified as a polypeptide of Mr = 84,000. The enzyme has high specific activity against tri-, di- and monoacylglycerols, as well as cholesterol esters, and is inhibited by millimolar NaF, and micromolar HgCl2 and DFP. The enzyme polypeptide serves as a substrate for cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase. The characteristics of the hormone-sensitive lipase from swine adipose tissue are similar to those reported previously for the enzyme from rat. They differ from those reported for the lipase from chicken adipose tissue, and possible reasons for these differences are discussed.


  • Lee, Fook-Thean
  • Yeaman, Stephen J
  • Fredrickson, Gudrun
  • StrÃ¥lfors, Peter
  • Belfrage, Per

publication date

  • January 1985