Characterization, cloning and host-protective activity of a 30-kilodalton glycoprotein secreted by the parasitic stages of Trichostrongylus colubriformis Academic Article uri icon


  • The helminth Trichostrongylus colubriformis is a parasitic nematode infecting the small intestine of sheep. We report the isolation and characterization of a 30-kDa glycoprotein capable of partially protecting guinea-pigs against the parasite. This glycoprotein is secreted by the L4 and adult parasitic stages of the worm. The sequence of three separate cDNA clones predicts the polypeptide to be about 15 kDa, with four N-linked carbohydrate chains and an internal disulphide bond. The clones also indicate the existence of sequence variability in this antigen. Limited sequence homology to a porcine intestinal peptide suggests an influence on host gut physiology.


  • Savin, Keith W
  • Dopheide, Theo AA
  • Frenkel, Maurice J
  • Wagland, Barry M
  • Grant, Warwick N
  • Ward, Colin W

publication date

  • July 1990