Single-Chain antibody conjugated to a cage amine chelator and labeled with positron-emitting copper-64 for diagnostic imaging of activated platelets Academic Article uri icon


  • Imaging of activated platelets using an activation specific anti-GPIIb/IIIa integrin single-chain antibody (scFvanti-LIBS) conjugated to a positron emitting copper-64 complex of a cage amine sarcophagine chelator (MeCOSar) is reported. This tracer was compared in vitro to a (64)Cu(II) complex of the scFv conjugated to another commonly used macrocycle, DOTA. The scFvanti-LIBS-MeCOSar conjugate was radiolabeled with (64)Cu(II) rapidly under mild conditions and with higher specific activity than scFvanti-LIBS-DOTA. The utility of scFvanti-LIBS-MeCOSar as a diagnostic agent was assessed in vivo in a mouse model of acute thrombosis. The uptake of scFvanti-LIBS-(64)CuMeCOSar in the injured vessel was significantly higher than the noninjured vessel. Positron emission tomography (PET) was used to show accumulation of scFvanti-LIBS-(64)CuMeCOSar with high and specific uptake in the injured vessel. ScFvanti-LIBS-(64)CuMeCOSar is an excellent tool for highly sensitive in vivo detection of activated platelets in PET and has the potential to be used for early diagnosis of acute thrombotic events.


  • Alt, K
  • Paterson, BM
  • Ardipradja, K
  • Schieber, C
  • Buncic, G
  • Lim, B
  • Poniger, SS
  • Jakoby, B
  • Wang, X
  • Okeefe, GJ
  • Tochon-Danguy, HJ
  • Scott, AM
  • Ackermann, U
  • Peter, K
  • Donnelly, PS
  • Hagemeyer, CE

publication date

  • 2014

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