The reaction of free radicals with trichlorosilane Academic Article uri icon


  • Trifluoromethyl radicals generated from the photolysis of hexafluoroacetone abstract hydrogen atoms from trichlorosilane; the competitive abstraction of chlorine atoms does not occur under the experimental conditions. The rate of the abstraction ������� �����������������CF3 + SiHCl3 → CF3N + SiCl3 has been measured in comparison with the known rate for the recombination of trifluoromethyl radicals, to yield a rate constant, ������������������ k = 1012.13exp(-6850/RT) ml mole-1 sec-1 Methyl radicals similarly abstract hydrogen to yield methane. A quantitative study of this reaction proved impractical, due to complications using acetone as a radical source.

publication date

  • 1967