Identification of a Ca2+ Binding Protein as a New Bermuda Grass Pollen Allergen Cyn d 7: IgE Cross-Reactivity with Oilseed Rape Pollen Allergen Bra r 1 Academic Article uri icon


  • cDNA clones encoding two isoforms of an allergen from pollen of Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) have been isolated using IgE from allergic patients. Homologous transcripts are present in pollen of 15 other grasses tested. This allergen, tentatively designated as Cyn d 7, contains two calcium binding domains and shows significant sequence similarity with other Ca2+ binding pollen allergens, namely Bet v 4 from birch and Bra r 1 from oilseed rape. Approximately 10% of allergic sera tested showed IgE reactivity to this allergen. IgE cross-reactivity was observed between this allergen and Bra r 1 of oilseed rape. IgE reactivity of this allergen requires protein-bound Ca2+. Using IgE affinity-purified from the recombinant allergen to probe Western blots of pollen extracts Cyn d 7 has been identified as a 12 kDA protein.

publication date

  • 1997