An exploration of novice and experienced problem-based learning facilitators' perceptions of their roles in a speech-language pathology programme. Does experience matter? Academic Article uri icon


  • Recruitment and training of skilled facilitators is critical to the success of a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum. However, facilitation skills do not come naturally to all staff and it remains unclear whether experience in the role contributes to competency. PBL facilitators in a Speech Pathology Masters programme were surveyed via questionnaire and open ended questions regarding their perceptions of the competencies needed to facilitate. Novice and experienced facilitators responses were then compared. The survey response rate was 82% (7/14 experienced and 7/14 novices). Two significant differences were evident between the groups consistent with the amount of facilitation experience. Role conflict, challenges associated with managing group dynamics, knowledge of the curriculum and the significance of social congruence were themes that emerged. Our findings suggest that both novice and experienced PBL facilitators benefit from continuing learning opportunities and mapping of facilitators' perceptions can be useful in delineating professional development needs.

publication date

  • 2014