Validation of an active shape model-based semi-automated segmentation algorithm for the analysis of thigh muscle and adipose tissue cross-sectional areas Academic Article uri icon


  • To validate a semi-automated method for thigh muscle and adipose tissue cross-sectional area (CSA) segmentation from MRI.An active shape model (ASM) was trained using 113 MRI CSAs from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) and combined with an active contour model and thresholding-based post-processing steps. This method was applied to 20 other MRIs from the OAI and to baseline and follow-up MRIs from a 12-week lower-limb strengthening or endurance training intervention (n = 35 females). The agreement of semi-automated vs. previous manual segmentation was assessed using the Dice similarity coefficient and Bland-Altman analyses. Longitudinal changes observed in the training intervention were compared between semi-automated and manual segmentations.High agreement was observed between manual and semi-automated segmentations for subcutaneous fat, quadriceps and hamstring CSAs. With strength training, both the semi-automated and manual segmentation method detected a significant reduction in adipose tissue CSA and a significant gain in quadriceps, hamstring and adductor CSAs. With endurance training, a significant reduction in adipose tissue CSAs was observed with both methods.The semi-automated approach showed high agreement with manual segmentation of thigh muscle and adipose tissue CSAs and showed longitudinal training effects similar to that observed using manual segmentation.


  • Kemnitz, J
  • Eckstein, F
  • Culvenor, Adam G
  • Ruhdorfer, A
  • Dannhauer, T
  • Ring-Dimitriou, S
  • Sänger, AM
  • Wirth, W

publication date

  • 2017