Multiplex-Ready Technology for Mid-Throughput Genotyping of Molecular Markers Chapter uri icon

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  • Crop Breeding: Methods and Protocols


  • Screening molecular markers across large populations in breeding programs is generally time consuming and expensive. The Multiplex-Ready Technology (MRT) (Hayden et al., BMC genomics 9:80, 2008) was created to optimize polymorphism screening and genotyping using standardized PCR reaction conditions. The flexibility of this method maximizes the number of markers (up to 24 markers SSR or SNP, ideally small PCR product <500 bp and highly polymorphic) by using fluorescent dye (VIC, FAM, NED, and PET) and a semiautomated DNA fragment analyzer (ABI3730) capillary electrophoresis for large numbers of DNA samples (96 or 384 samples).

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  • 2014