Crystallization reports are the backbone of Acta Cryst. F, but do they have any spine? Academic Article uri icon


  • Crystallization of macromolecules is famously difficult. By knowing what has worked for others, researchers can ease the process, both in the case where the protein has already been crystallized and in the situation where more general guidelines are needed. The 264 crystallization communications published in Acta Crystallographica Section F in 2012 have been reviewed, and from this analysis some information about trends in crystallization has been gleaned. More importantly, it was found that there are several ways in which the utility of these communications could be increased: to make each individual paper a more complete crystallization record; and to provide a means for taking a snapshot of what the current ‘best practices’ are in the field.


  • Newman, Janet
  • Burton, Denis R
  • Caria, Sofia
  • Desbois, Sebastien
  • Gee, Christine L
  • Fazio, Vincent J
  • Kvansakul, Marc
  • Marshall, Bevan
  • Mills, Grant
  • Richter, Viviane
  • Seabrook, Shane A
  • Wu, Mingbo
  • Peat, Thomas S

publication date

  • 2013