Audiology and Spiritual Care: An exploratory scoping review Report uri icon


  • Abstract: Purpose: This project, using a holistic ‘bio-psycho-social-spiritual model’, sought to consider and assess the potential connection and relevance of spiritual care to the work and role of audiologists. Method: A basic exploratory scoping review was conducted with the goal of discovering the key literature, research, concepts and approaches related to the topic of spirituality, audiology and the role of audiologists. Result: Over 846 articles were found broadly relating to the topic area. Articles specifically relating to, or noting, the role of an audiologist and spirituality (religion and/or pastoral care) were not identifiable. However ten (n = 10) academic papers were deemed relevant to the broad topic of audiology and spirituality which were primarily focused on clients. Conclusion: There was no literature specifically relating to spirituality, audiology and the role of audiologists. The main focus of articles found related to people with a diagnosed audiological condition (i.e., deafness, hearing impaired) and the various impact of spirituality in general. Thus, while there is some evidence within the literature that people who are deaf/hearing impaired may have utilised or benefited from spiritual support (in one form or another), there was no mention or recognition of the role that audiologists might or could have in providing basic holistic care that incorporated spirituality. It is recommend that future research be undertaken utilising a ‘bio-psycho-social-spiritual model’ of holistic health care, so the impact (if any) of spirituality and audiological practice can be properly assessed.

publication date

  • 2017