Sexual Satisfaction Among Older Australian Heterosexual Men and Women: Findings from the Sex, Age and Me Study Academic Article uri icon


  • This study explored sexual satisfaction in older heterosexual Australians using data from a national sample of 1,583 men and women aged 60+ who hoped or planned to have sex in the future. Data collection took place in 2015; participants were recruited using a variety of online and offline advertisements. Less than half the sample (46%) reported they were very or extremely satisfied with their sexual lives. Those who had sex more often and were more interested in sex were more likely to be satisfied, while those who wanted sex more often in the future were less likely to be satisfied, as were men who had experienced sexual difficulties. Sexual satisfaction was also associated with life satisfaction in men and positive mental health in women. Factors associated with satisfaction in this study will help guide strategies to support older people in realizing the sexual lives they desire.

publication date

  • 2018