Reclassification of Phycicola gilvus (Lee et al. 2008) and Leifsonia pindariensis (Reddy et al. 2008) as Microterricola gilva comb. nov. and Microterricola pindariensis comb. nov. and emended description of the genus Microterricola Academic Article uri icon


  • The taxonomic positions of Microterricola viridarii JCM 15926T, Phycicola gilvus DSM 18319T and Leifsonia pindariensis JCM 15132T were re-examined. Phylogenetic analysis and 16S rRNA gene sequence similarities revealed that all three strains are closely related with each other and form a monophyletic cluster with high sequence similarity (99.2 -99.9 %). A dendrogram constructed based on the protein spectra generated by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectroscopy also displayed close clustering of these three strains. The fatty acid profiles of three strains were very similar to each other and contained branched fatty acids (anteiso-C15 : 0, anteiso-C17 : 0 and iso-C16 : 0) as the predominant cellular fatty acids. The polar lipid profiles of the three stains were similar and consisted of diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerol and phosphatidylcholine as major polar lipids and an unknown lipid. Comparisons of morphological, chemotaxonomic and physiological data of Microterricola viridarii JCM 15926T, Leifsonia pindariensis JCM 15132T and Phycicola gilvus DSM 18319T are in agreement with the features of a common genus. DNA-DNA hybridization data generated during this study showed less than 70 % reassociation value with each other indicating that they are different at species level. Based on the present study, we conclude that Phycicola gilvus DSM 18319T and Leifsonia pindariensis JCM 15132T should be reclassified under the genus Microterricola, since this genus has the nomenclatural priority, and reclassified as Microterricolagilva comb. nov. (type strain SSWW-21T=DSM 18319T=KCTC 19185T=JCM 30550T) and Microterricolapindariensis comb. nov. (type strain PON10T=LMG 24222T=JCM 15132T=MTCC9128T). An emended description of the genus Microterricola is also presented.


  • Dhotre, Dhiraj Prakash
  • Rajabal, Vaheesan
  • Sharma, Avinash
  • Kulkarni, Girish J
  • Prakash, Om
  • Vemuluri, Venkata Ramana
  • Joseph, Neetha
  • Rahi, Praveen
  • Shouche, Yogesh S

publication date

  • 2017