A DNA barcode database of Australia’s freshwater macroinvertebrate fauna Academic Article uri icon


  • Macroinvertebrates are widely used for monitoring freshwater ecosystems. In most monitoring programs, identifications take substantial time and expense. Methods that improve the speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of macroinvertebrate identification would benefit such programs. Increasingly, DNA barcodes are being used to provide accurate species-level identifications and have the potential to change how macroinvertebrates are routinely identified. Herein we discuss the need for DNA barcodes of freshwater macroinvertebrates with particular reference to Australia. We examine the use of DNA barcodes for species identification and compare DNA barcoding efforts of macroinvertebrates from Australia with those globally. We consider the role of high-throughput sequencing of DNA barcodes in freshwater bioassessment and its potential use in biosurveillance. Finally, we outline a strategy for developing a comprehensive national DNA barcode database for Australian freshwater macroinvertebrates and present the initial efforts in creating this database.

publication date

  • 2017