Te(II)/Te(IV) Mediated C-N Bond Formation on 2,5-Diphenyltellurophene and a Reassignment of the Product from the Reaction of Phl(OAc)(2) with 2 TMS-OTf Academic Article uri icon


  • We report a novel C-H to C-N bond metathesis at the 3-position of 1,2-diphenyltellurophene via oxidation of the Te(II) center to Te(IV) using the I(III) oxidant [PhI(4-DMAP)2](2+). Spontaneous reduction of a transient Te(IV) coordination compound to Te(II) generates an electrophilic equivalent of 4-DMAP that substitutes at a C-H bond at the 3-position of the tellurophene. Theoretical and synthetic reaction pathway studies confirm that a Te(IV) coordination complex with 4-DMAP is an intermediate. In the course of these pathway studies, it was also found that the identity of the I(III) oxidant generated from PhI(OAc)2 and 2 TMS-OTf is PhI(OAc)(OTf) and not PhI(OTf)2, as had been previously thought.

publication date

  • 2015