Feasibility of automated speech sample collection with stuttering children using interactive voice response (IVR) technology Academic Article uri icon


  • To investigate the feasibility of adopting automated interactive voice response (IVR) technology for remotely capturing standardized speech samples from stuttering children.Participants were 10 6-year-old stuttering children. Their parents called a toll-free number from their homes and were prompted to elicit speech from their children using a standard protocol involving conversation, picture description and games. The automated IVR system was implemented using an off-the-shelf telephony software program and delivered by a standard desktop computer. The software infrastructure utilizes voice over internet protocol. Speech samples were automatically recorded during the calls. Video recordings were simultaneously acquired in the home at the time of the call to evaluate the fidelity of the telephone collected samples. Key outcome measures included syllables spoken, percentage of syllables stuttered and an overall rating of stuttering severity using a 10-point scale.Data revealed a high level of relative reliability in terms of intra-class correlation between the video and telephone acquired samples on all outcome measures during the conversation task. Findings were less consistent for speech samples during picture description and games.Results suggest that IVR technology can be used successfully to automate remote capture of child speech samples.


  • Vogel, AP
  • Block, S
  • Kefalianos, E
  • Onslow, M
  • Eadie, P
  • Barth, B
  • Conway, L
  • Mundt, JC
  • Reilly, S

publication date

  • 2015