Hepatitis B knowledge and associated factors among people with chronic hepatitis B Academic Article uri icon


  • To assess hepatitis B knowledge among people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in Australia.People with CHB in three Australian jurisdictions completed a self-administered questionaire, including 24 hepatitis B knowledge questions across four domains: transmission; natural history; epidemiology and prevention; and clinical management.Ninety-three people completed the survey. Mean age was 45 years, 43% were women and 93% were born overseas (75% from Asia). Mean total knowledge score was 55 out of 100 with 17 participants (18%) scoring ≥75 (defined as a high knowledge). Clinical management scored the lowest (median: 25) and natural history scored the highest (median: 80). In adjusted linear regression, tertiary education (vs. secondary and under) was associated with higher knowledge score (β: 11.95; 95%CI: 2.45, 21.44; p=0.01). In adjusted logistic regression, very good English proficiency (vs. limited/no proficiency) was associated with high knowledge (OR: 7.65; 95%CI: 1.94, 30.19; p<0.01). Participants reporting hepatitis B-related anxiety demonstrated a significantly higher knowledge score compared to those reporting no such anxiety (β: 15.11; 95%CI: 4.40, 25.81; p<0.01).Hepatitis B-related knowledge gaps were identified among people with CHB. Interventions to improve knowledge should focus on people with low levels of academic education and limited English proficiency.

publication date

  • 2015