Structured content-based query answers for improving information quality Academic Article uri icon


  • Extensible markup language (XML) has been widely adopted as a standard to exchange and integrate data over multiple sources. This allows users to explore large datasets through a declarative query interface, such as XQuery and XPath. However, the results of queries posted to such heterogeneous data sources are often inconsistent due to the anomalies arising from structural and semantic inconsistencies. This significantly affects the ability of the system to provide accurate query answers. Most of the prior work on finding consistent query answers (CQAs) lacks the full extensibility to find the CQAs relating to the requirements of data constraints holding conditionally on XML data with inconsistent structures. This paper proposes an approach, called SC2QA, which utilizes XML conditional functional dependency (XCSD) to compute consistent answers for queries posted to arbitrary XML data to improve information quality. An XCSD is a structured and content-based functional dependency holding conditionally on certain objects with diverse structures. The query answer is calculated by qualifying queries with appropriate information derived from the interaction between the query and the XCSDs. Experiments have been conducted on synthetic datasets to demonstrate the effectiveness of SC2QA. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

publication date

  • 2015