A putative Plasmodium falciparum exported serine/threonine protein kinase1Note: The sequence reported in this paper has been submitted to the GenBank™ data base with the accession number U40232.1 Academic Article uri icon


  • An 8kb gene coding for a putative serine/threonine protein kinase from Plasmodium falciparum has been cloned and sequenced. It is arranged in two exons: exon I is 2 kb and exon II is 5.6 kb. The gene codes for a large protein of 2510 amino acids. Antibodies raised against a fusion protein were used to localize the putative kinase. By immunofluorescence microscopy, it was found in the cytoplasm of infected red cells. By immunoelectron microscopy it was associated with membranous structures in the red cell and with the red cell membrane, particularly at parasite-induced knobs. This is the first putative protein kinase of P. falciparum to be exported from the parasite into its host cell.


  • Kun, Jürgen FJ
  • Hibbs, Alan R
  • Saul, Allan
  • McColl, Damian J
  • Coppel, Ross L
  • Anders, Robin F

publication date

  • March 1997

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