Somatosensation assessment using the NIH Toolbox Academic Article uri icon


  • Touch sensation is one element of sensory function. As such, somatosensation is one of the sensory domains included in the NIH Toolbox, which is an assessment battery for measuring a range of human functions including emotional health, sensation, cognition, and motor function. We evaluated a variety of methods for inclusion in the NIH Toolbox main battery. In a convenience sample of 409 participants, we evaluated aspects of kinesthesia, pain, and tactile discrimination. We present results on these measures across the lifespan and discuss implications for future studies that use the NIH Toolbox and these measures.


  • Dunn, W
  • Griffith, JW
  • Morrison, MT
  • Tanquary, J
  • Sabata, D
  • Victorson, D
  • Carey, LM
  • Gershon, RC

publication date

  • March 12, 2013