Mild Impairment of Cognition Impacts on Activity Participation after Stroke in a Community-Dwelling Australian Cohort Academic Article uri icon


  • Ongoing disability following stroke can severely impact activity participation and quality of life. The authors investigated the association between cognition and mood and activity participation in 30 survivors of stroke living in the community, using quantitative assessment tools. Non-parametric correlation analyses quantified the presence and strength of association between variables. Differences for those with cognitive impairment or with depressive symptoms were investigated. Survivors of stroke with cognitive impairment of even mild severity had significantly reduced participation in all activity domains. Significant differences in activity participation were not found with mood, although relatively few were identified as being depressed. The findings suggest that mild cognitive impairment after stroke is associated with participation limitations that are important for occupational therapists to consider when planning intervention.

publication date

  • January 2011