A comprehensive promoter landscape identifies a novel promoter for CD133+ in restricted tissues, cancers, and stem cells Academic Article uri icon


  • PROM1 is the gene encoding prominin-1 or CD133, an important cell surface marker for the isolation of both normal and cancer stem cells. PROM1 transcripts initiate at a range of transcription start sites (TSS) associated with distinct tissue and cancer expression profiles. Using high resolution Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) sequencing we characterize TSS utilization across a broad range of normal and developmental tissues. We identify a novel proximal promoter (P6) within CD133(+) melanoma cell lines and stem cells. Additional exon array sampling finds P6 to be active in populations enriched for mesenchyme, neural stem cells and within CD133(+) enriched Ewing sarcomas. The P6 promoter is enriched with respect to previously characterized PROM1 promoters for a HMGI/Y (HMGA1) family transcription factor binding site motif and exhibits different epigenetic modifications relative to the canonical promoter region of PROM1.


  • Sompallae, R
  • Hofmann, O
  • Maher, CA
  • Gedye, C
  • Behren, A
  • Vitezic, M
  • Daub, CO
  • Devalle, S
  • Caballero, OL
  • Carninci, P
  • Hayashizaki, Y
  • Lawlor, ER
  • Cebon, J
  • Hide, W

publication date

  • 2013