Formoguanamine-induced inhibition of deprivation myopia in chick is accompanied by choroidal thinning while retinal function is retained Academic Article uri icon


  • Twenty hatchling chickens were injected intravitreally every 4 days from day 2 to day 16 with dimethyl sulphoxide (DS) in one eye and DS or formoguanamine dissolved in DS (FG.DS) with or without occlusion in the other (FG.DS.MD, DS.MD, FG.DS). At day 16, the FG.DS.MD eyes failed to show the high refractive myopia and showed less axial elongation than that developed by the DS.MD eyes. Electroretinograms indicated that at the dosage used, FG.DS does not eliminate phototransduction. Light microscopy showed choroidal and retinal thinning in DS.MD and FG.DS.MD eyes but less than in FG.DS eyes, suggesting that change in choroidal thickness is unlikely to be the primary cause of form deprivation myopia.

publication date

  • July 1995