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  • BACKGROUND: There was a clear grow, in the last 2 decades, of up to 6 fold in scientific articles that are directly relevant to physical therapy practice. However, along with this fast grow; little attention has been given to transparency when reporting research methods and results. More recently, groups of researchers around the world have made successful attempts to address this issue by creating guidelines that will help researchers not only on the preparation of manuscripts but also on making sure that important details related to design and methodology are controlled and reported. OBJECTIVE: To present four specific reporting guidelines, which are best known as "statements". DISCUSSION: A network named EQUATOR (Enhancing the Quality and Transparency of Health Research) was created with the main mission of providing basic principles for responsible and transparent reporting. The EQUATOR network encompasses, among others, the CONSORT statement which is related to randomized controlled trials; the PRISMA statement, which is related to systematic reviews and meta-analysis; the STROBE Statement, which is related to observational studies; and the STARD statement, which is related to reporting of accuracy of diagnostic tests. Some journals have recommended the use of these statements, while in others their use is mandatory. The goal of the use of these statements by journals is to guarantee fast decisions regarding publication and the best possible quality of reporting. Ultimately, it will help readers, including physical therapists, to make better decisions in clinical practice.

publication date

  • 2011