Construction and psychometric evaluation of the Swedish language Person-centred Climate Questionnaire - staff version Academic Article uri icon


  • AIM: The aim of the study was to construct and evaluate psychometric properties of the Swedish language Person-centred Climate Questionnaire - staff version. BACKGROUND: Person-centred care is often quoted but ill defined, and the literature warrants the development of valid and reliable measurement tools. METHODS: During 2006, a questionnaire was constructed and distributed to a sample of Swedish hospital staff (n = 600). Questionnaire data was subjected to item analysis and reduction. Psychometrical properties of the questionnaire were evaluated. RESULTS: The 14-item Person-centred Climate Questionnaire showed satisfactory psychometric properties. Measures of validity were good, internal consistency was high, Cronbach's alpha was satisfactory for the total scale (0.88) and test-retest reliability was adequate. CONCLUSION: The results indicate that the staff Person-centred Climate Questionnaire is a valid and reliable tool for assessing staff perceptions of the person centredness of hospital environments. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING MANAGEMENT: This instrument makes it possible to study the degree of person-centredness in relation to different organizational systems, environments, staff groups and managerial styles. In addition, staff variables such as turnover rates, health outcomes and efficacy can be related to staff perceived person centredness of the organization.

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  • November 2009

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