Inheritance and molecular mapping of a gene conferring seedling resistance against Puccinia hordei in the barley cultivar Ricardo Academic Article uri icon


  • Genetic studies were undertaken to determine the inheritance and genomic location of uncharacterised seedling resistance to leaf rust, caused by Puccinia hordei, in the barley cultivar Ricardo. The resistance was shown to be conferred by a single dominant gene, which was tentatively designated RphRic. Bulk segregant analysis (BSA) and genetic mapping of an F(3) mapping population using multiplex-ready SSR genotyping and Illumina GoldenGate SNP assay located RphRic in chromosome 4H. Given that this is the first gene for leaf rust resistance mapped on chromosome 4H, it was designated Rph21. The presence of an additional gene, Rph2, in Ricardo, was confirmed by the test of allelism. The seedling gene Rph21 has shown effectiveness against all Australian pathotypes of P. hordei tested since at least 1992 and hence represents a new and useful source of resistance to this pathogen.


  • Sandhu, KS
  • Forrest, KL
  • Kong, S
  • Bansal, UK
  • Singh, D
  • Hayden, MJ
  • Park, RF

publication date

  • November 2012