Inheritance and chromosome location of leaf rust resistance in durum wheat cultivar Wollaroi Academic Article uri icon


  • The Australian durum cultivar Wollaroi produced low leaf rust responses in the field since its release in 1993. A recombinant inbred line population was developed from a cross of Wollaroi with a susceptible landrace Bansi. Monogenic inheritance of low seedling leaf rust response against the Puccinia triticina pathotype 104-1,2,3,6,(7),(11),13 was observed. This gene was temporarily designated as LrWo. A DArT based map of Wollaroi/Bansi was used to determine the genomic location of LrWo and it was mapped in chromosome 5BS. Following enrichment of the DArT map of chromosome 5BS with SSR markers, LrWo was flanked by gwm234 (7.2 cM) and wPt-1420 (20.3 cM) distally and proximally, respectively. A previously characterised gene Lr52 was also located on the chromosome arm 5BS, proximal to gwm234. Based on genetic association with the marker gwm234 at a similar distance, we concluded that LrWo could be either Lr52 or is another allele of this locus. Based on infection type comparison the latter argument seems more plausible.


  • Singh, B
  • Bansal, UK
  • Forrest, KL
  • Hayden, MJ
  • Hare, RA
  • Bariana, HS

publication date

  • October 2010